Zachary Mitigation Bank, Multiple Restoration Sites, Project Manager

Ms. Fetterman provided project management and design services for this approximately 500 acre mitigation banking project consisting of several sites permitted under an Umbrella mitigation banking instrument (MBI).  Ms. Fetterman was responsible for managing all aspects of the project from the initial feasibility analysis, market analysis, and prospectus development to federal/state agency permitting, Wetland Value Assessment (WVA) and Modified Charleston Method (MCM) wetland functional assessment analysis, restoration plan formulation, construction oversight, monitoring and long-term site management. This bank is a bottomland hardwood restoration project on prior-converted improved pasture lands.  As the project manager, Ms. Fetterman was also responsible for formulating detailed ecological and hydrological restoration plans for each site addendum to the MBI.  This project required detailed GIS assessment and analysis of surrounding land use and impacts of surrounding land use within 50 and 500 feet of each restoration site’s boundaries as part of the Wetland Value Assessment (WVA) method utilized to calculate total bank credits for several of the restoration sites.   Ms. Fetterman was critical to successfully obtaining the signed umbrella mitigation banking instrument and approved restoration plan for four sites:  Copper Mill Bayou, Comite Flats I, Comite Flats II and Redwood Creek.  Ms. Fetterman also provided bank implementation and management, monitoring, and as-built documentation and credit release services for these sites.  Through her effective working relationship with the USACE New Orleans District, Ms. Fetterman successfully and expeditiously obtained credit releases for all permitted sites.