Subcontracted Compliance Consulting

A prime consulting firm requested the assistance of EcoGENESIS in providing compliance and permitting assistance and consulting services to address a compliance letter for the Prime’s client.  Services provided included a preliminary evaluation of the current Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Permit to determine the feasibility to re-locate on-site mitigation on the mine property that is not meeting permitted success criteria to an offsite mitigation area on state lands that ecoGENESIS’ Principal permitted while working for the Prime.  EcoGENESIS is providing services to assist the Prime in addressing mitigation compliance issues on the mine site.  EcoGENESIS reviewed past project information and identified any additional information needed to determine what remaining on-site mitigation could feasibly be offset by the wetland mitigation on the T.G. Lee Tract.  EcoGenesis is performing a review of the previous UMAM analysis permitting the T.G. Lee tract to determine the amount of potential surplus mitigation available and determining the amount of mitigation offset needed to re-locate remaining on-site mitigation offsite to the T.G. Lee Tract of the Withlacoochee State Forest.  EcoGENESIS also assisted and coordinated with the project engineer in developing an effective strategy and response to the FDEP non-compliance letter, as well as providing assistance as needed in developing an effective mitigation strategy for the client in addressing mitigation compliance issues.