Shreveport Mitigation Bank Replanting, Year One Monitoring

EcoGENESIS and their subcontracted technical staff are providing services related to all aspects of the monitoring and reporting required by the USACE mitigation permit, including vegetative and hydrological data collection, water level gauge maintenance, and agency coordination. EcoGENESIS’ responsibilities include project management, agency coordination, wetland mitigation monitoring, and reporting services for this 240 acre bottom-land hardwood wetland mitigation bank near Shreveport, Louisiana.  The site was constructed and planted in 2011.  While hydrology was documented as re-establishing, the seedlings were adversely affected by the record drought of 2011 and the majority of the plantings perished.  The site was replanted in February of 2012.  The monitoring for this project was completed in April of 2014.  Preliminary results indicate that the site will meet the initial survival performance measures and will result in the re-establishment of high-quality and diverse bottom-land hardwood, as well as cypress floodplain wetland habitat along Red Chute Bayou.