Shreveport Mitigation Bank, Project Manager

Ms. Fetterman was the Project Manager for this 290 acre bank along Red Chute Bayou near Bossier City, Louisiana.  Ms. Fetterman completed the MBI permitting process for the site.  Ms. Fetterman managed and coordinated the project from the initial feasibility and site data collection stages to the wetland jurisdictional verification phase and clear through to MBI approval from all participating IRT agencies.  Ms. Fetterman also provided construction management and planting contractor management services.    As with all other large-scale wetland restoration projects, coordination with adjacent landowners, federal, state and local government agencies is required to obtain all necessary approvals in a timely manner.  Ms. Fetterman, working in tandem with her former firm’s engineering department, formulated the restoration plan for this bank, which includes a hydrologic and vegetative restoration plan that is resulting in the enhancement of existing cypress-tupelo and bottomland hardwood remnant depressional areas, and restoration of wetland depressional, floodplain flats and natural levee bottomland hardwood communities.  The restoration plan involved a cascading hydrologic design that included rehabilitation of a highly eroded surface water conveyance that provides one of the only remaining connections between the dredged Red Chute Bayou and its historic floodplain.  This complex hydrologic design will result in the-establishment of wetland hydroperiod durations and stages conducive to the forested wetland communities restored, and effective hydrologic reconnection to Red Chute Bayou allowing for attenuation and storage of flood events; yet also abate highly damaging erosion during flooding of the site via this surface water conveyance to Red Chute Bayou.