Natural Resources Valuation

waterEcoGENESIS can assist private landowners and businesses dependent on natural resources and long-term maintenance of their values and functions develop and secure long-term sustainability planning for these resources through natural resource valuation.  Pertinent examples of such industries include the forestry and lumber industries, ecotourism, bottled water, and extractive industries such as oil and gas and mining and renewable energy industries.   Often development of these resources for human use requires balancing business goals and profits with long-term sustainability of the communities and ecological and natural resource infrastructure upon which these business depend.  Business that engage in a natural resources valuation process are often able to capture the true value and costs of natural capital and sustaining natural capital in order to better secure the sustainability of their business interests in the future. ecoGENESIS offers the following sustainability services:

  • Ecosystem and sustainability services evaluation
  • Carbon offset and sequestration
  • Natural resource assets and liabilities
  • Natural resources management