As a small, women-owned business, we understand the meaning of value and the importance of providing high-quality, professional services at an affordable price. We are committed to finding progressive, innovative and sustainable solutions to difficult systemic ecological and environmental issues. We deliver solutions using objective and sound state of the art knowledge and real world experience. We excel in designing, permitting and managing large wetland mitigation and habitat restoration projects with our thirty years of professional experience in the environmental industry.

ecoGENESIS employs highly skilled staff and hand-picked 1099 subcontractors with expertise in site feasibility analysis, wetland delineation, assessment and permitting services, environmental permitting, endangered species surveying and permitting, wetland, stream and habitat restoration contract management, management and stewardship of public and private lands, GIS analysis and modeling of environmental data, mitigation and conservation banking, restoration and mitigation construction management and monitoring, ecological valuation and ecological design services. We also work with other scientific and engineering experts to achieve successful, integrated landscape scale restoration design and construction projects that include stream, aquatic, wetland and upland habitat components.

Our clients include wetland mitigation bankers, national and international consulting firms, developers, energy providers, single-family residential homeowners, federal, state and local governments, non-governmental organizations, and other regulated industries.