Preliminary Feasibility Site Review

EcoGENESIS is performing preliminary feasibility field and GIS desk-top reviews and analysis of multiple properties located within the Chenier ridge/coastal plain complex in southwestern Louisiana. These lands are under consideration as a potential wetland and/or stream mitigation bank(s) or permittee-responsible mitigation area(s), or for other ecological commodity credit trading purposes. Analysis of these lands requires GIS desktop review and feasibility consulting support services, items and limited deliverable products to effectively determine which parcels warrant a full feasibility evaluation, and to begin the development process for a wetland and stream mitigation bank on the prospective property.   The analyses include initial risk assessments to identify those factors that may make sites inappropriate or carry higher risk to develop for wetland and stream mitigation, habitat/species conservation banking, water quality/nutrient, carbon, other ecological commodity investment purposes.  Analysis may also include evaluation of properties for other development purposes.