Missouri Loop Mitigation Bank, Project Manager

Ms. Fetterman was the Project Manager for this 302 acre, phased, mitigation bank re-establishing historic bottom-land hardwood floodplain forest on prior-converted row crop lands.   As with the other projects listed above, Ms. Fetterman was responsible for all aspects of project management from initial feasibility analysis through permitting, to construction oversight and monitoring and long term management through to bank closure.  Ms. Fetterman formulated the wetland restoration plan for this site and successfully coordinated permitting activities with her previous firm’s engineers to obtain an approved MBI for the site.  Ms. Fetterman successfully coordinated construction and planting of the first 163 acre phase in March 2010.  She is also working with the neighboring National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) to create contiguous, high quality wetland habitat for migrating water fowl as well as endangered mammals such as the Louisiana black bear that are known to utilize the bank and NWR area.   Ms. Fetterman also provided baseline monitoring and bank management services post-construction and planting.