Gulf Coastal Plains Mitigation Bank, Project Manager

Ms. Fetterman initially provided senior technical and permitting oversight services of the Ecosystem Renewal subcontracted consultant for this + 1,900 acre herbaceous freshwater, intermediate brackish and saltwater mitigation bank.  Ms. Fetterman became project manager after her previous firm assumed the project.    Ms. Fetterman completed the permitting of the project and coordinated closely with federal and state agencies and the surrounding NWR to re-design a phased restoration plan for this prior-converted rice farm enclosed by levees.  The banking project also incorporates the re-establishment of tidal channels and pools re-connecting the bank to the major Bayous forming the eastern and western property boundaries. The tidal network will also facilitate the restoration of high and low brackish and intermediate marsh to the southern section of the bank historically within salt marsh hydric soils.  The bank will re-establish historic coastal prairie and freshwater marsh wetlands and drainage features in the northern portion that existed prior to agricultural conversion.  The bank will provide essential fish and invertebrate nursery habitat.   Ms. Fetterman’s competency with this project in addressing agency concerns and in facilitating consensus-building between members of a large, multi-faceted federal and state inter-agency review team resulted in her previous firm assuming all project management and restoration design responsibilities.