Ft. Bend Mitigation Wetland Delineation and Feasibility Analysis

EcoGENESIS Principal and subcontract staff provided expert wetland delineation services and field analysis for a +2,013 acre wetland and stream mitigation project in Ft. Bend County, Texas.   Services provided include guiding EcoSystem Renewal staff in USACE field delineation methods, hydric soil analysis, plant identification, and submeter GPS locating of the wetland boundary based on USACE hydrology, vegetation and hydric soils criteria.  EcoGENESIS also provided report templates, USACE wetland field sheet preparation and review, and wetland delineation report review and quality assurance services prior to submittal to the USACE.  EcoGENESIS is continuing to provide project management services while under review by the USACE.  EcoGENESIS is also coordinating the feasibility review of the site with a stream restoration subconsultant to determine feasibility and most cost-effective approaches to stream restoration of two modified, and deeply incised headwater stream tributaries of Cow Creek that occur on the site.  EcoGENESIS is also providing preliminary wetland credit calculations and support to the client in proforma preparation.