Current Projects

Ft. Bend Mitigation Wetland Delineation and Feasibility Analysis

EcoGENESIS Principal and subcontract staff provided expert wetland delineation services and field analysis for a +2,013 acre wetland and stream mitigation project in Ft. Bend County, Texas.   Services provided include guiding EcoSystem Renewal staff in USACE field delineation methods, hydric soil analysis, plant identification, and submeter GPS locating of the wetland boundary based on USACE hydrology, vegetation and hydric soils criteria.  EcoGENESIS also provided report templates, USACE wetland field sheet preparation and review, and wetland delineation report review and quality assurance services prior to submittal to the USACE.  EcoGENESIS is continuing to provide project management services while under review by the USACE.  EcoGENESIS is also coordinating the feasibility review of the site with a stream restoration subconsultant to determine feasibility and most cost-effective approaches to stream restoration of two modified, and deeply incised headwater stream tributaries of Cow Creek that occur on the site.  EcoGENESIS is also providing preliminary wetland credit calculations and support to the client in proforma preparation.

Zachary Mitigation Bank 2015 Monitoring & Reporting Services

EcoGENESIS is providing Senior Scientist assistance and support to client staff in field sampling, quality assurance, and monitoring of the Zachary Mitigation Bank restoration sites.   This project includes the monitoring of three restoration sites under the current Umbrella Instrument.  EcoGENESIS is assisting client staff by providing contract biologist data management and data entry services for vegetative, soil, hydrologic indicator monitoring data and photo documentation recorded at the various sites.  EcoGENESIS is providing Sr. Scientist oversight for report and deliverable review and staff training services to ensure that the reports and any credit release requests prepared by the client’s staff meet the reporting requirements of the Umbrella MBI.

Subcontracted Compliance Consulting

A prime consulting firm requested the assistance of EcoGENESIS in providing compliance and permitting assistance and consulting services to address a compliance letter for the Prime’s client.  Services provided included a preliminary evaluation of the current Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Permit to determine the feasibility to re-locate on-site mitigation on the mine property that is not meeting permitted success criteria to an offsite mitigation area on state lands that ecoGENESIS’ Principal permitted while working for the Prime.  EcoGENESIS is providing services to assist the Prime in addressing mitigation compliance issues on the mine site.  EcoGENESIS reviewed past project information and identified any additional information needed to determine what remaining on-site mitigation could feasibly be offset by the wetland mitigation on the T.G. Lee Tract.  EcoGenesis is performing a review of the previous UMAM analysis permitting the T.G. Lee tract to determine the amount of potential surplus mitigation available and determining the amount of mitigation offset needed to re-locate remaining on-site mitigation offsite to the T.G. Lee Tract of the Withlacoochee State Forest.  EcoGENESIS also assisted and coordinated with the project engineer in developing an effective strategy and response to the FDEP non-compliance letter, as well as providing assistance as needed in developing an effective mitigation strategy for the client in addressing mitigation compliance issues.

Preliminary Feasibility Site Review

EcoGENESIS is performing preliminary feasibility field and GIS desk-top reviews and analysis of multiple properties located within the Chenier ridge/coastal plain complex in southwestern Louisiana. These lands are under consideration as a potential wetland and/or stream mitigation bank(s) or permittee-responsible mitigation area(s), or for other ecological commodity credit trading purposes. Analysis of these lands requires GIS desktop review and feasibility consulting support services, items and limited deliverable products to effectively determine which parcels warrant a full feasibility evaluation, and to begin the development process for a wetland and stream mitigation bank on the prospective property.   The analyses include initial risk assessments to identify those factors that may make sites inappropriate or carry higher risk to develop for wetland and stream mitigation, habitat/species conservation banking, water quality/nutrient, carbon, other ecological commodity investment purposes.  Analysis may also include evaluation of properties for other development purposes.

Mitigation Banking, Program Manager

EcoGENESIS is currently providing program management services for a mitigation banking client with holdings in Louisiana and Texas.  Responsibilities include selection and management of contracted services for bank permitting and operation, feasibility analysis and review for new banking projects, and providing as-needed management and monitoring services.  EcoGENESIS also provides project management oversight and mentoring to the client’s staff biologists and scientists.

Gulf Coastal Wetland Mitigation Bank, Phase I Construction Management

EcoGENESIS is providing services for the establishment of an on-site propagation area, and technical direction and construction management of the 465 acre first phase of this + 1,800 acre tidal marsh and freshwater coastal prairie wetland mitigation bank in East Chambers County, Texas.  EcoGENESIS will also provide baseline monitoring and as-built reporting services.  EcoGENESIS’ responsibilities include project management, agency and contractor coordination and oversight, and preparation of a propagation plan and as-built report as project deliverables.  EcoGENESIS is working closely with the client’s staff in the implementation of this pioneering wetland restoration project in the USACE Galveston District.

Big Darbonne Bayou, Phase I Wetland Mitigation Bank Permitting

EcoGENESIS is providing subcontracted technical services to a consulting company in Louisiana for the establishment and permitting of this +145 acre bottom-land hardwood restoration site located within the West Atchafalaya Basin Floodway in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana.  EcoGENESIS’ responsibilities include project management, agency coordination, and preparation of the Mitigation Work Plan, technical sections and attachments of the Mitigation Banking Instrument (MBI), data collection, restoration design, mitigation and existing wetland functional analysis, and Section 404 permitting for enhancement activities within wetlands and waters of the United States.  EcoGENESIS is working closely with the United States Army Corps (USACE) New Orleans District and a primary consultant to permit this restoration project.

Mitigation Bank Permitting, Project Management

EcoGENESIS brings its experience and expertise to bear on this project involving  project management and regulatory liaison services for a  + 1300 acre, multi-phased mitigation bank in Hendry County, Florida.  The bank will be converting citrus grove back into historically occurring wetland habitats such as hydric pine flatwoods, wet prairie, freshwater marsh, pond cypress, and mixed hardwood wetlands.  EcoGENESIS is managing and coordinating the environmental and engineering consultants to achieve effective and timely results and submittals in order to complete the permitting process.  EcoGENESIS is also acting as an authorized agent on behalf of the client in negotiation with the agencies in order to successfully complete both the SFWMD and the Federal USACE permitting process.