Bayou Chevreuil Mitigation Bank, Project Manager

Ms. Fetterman provided complete project management for this roughly 3,700 acre cypress-tupelo mitigation bank.  Services rendered by Ms. Fetterman include: prospectus development and federal/state agency permitting support, functional assessment analysis, construction oversight, monitoring and long-term site management.  This project is hydrologically complicated, and required extensive historic aerial analysis and mapping of canopy openings to document tree mortality over time and system failure as a result of over-inundation, subsidence and impoundment from spoil disposal and levees.  Ms. Fetterman was instrumental in formulating an innovative hydrologic and vegetative restoration plan, as well as an accompanying monitoring plan requiring sediment accretion analysis, micro-site monitoring for natural recruitment, and more extensive vegetative and hydrologic monitoring to determine system response to proposed mitigation treatments beyond those typically required for mitigation monitoring requirements. Ms. Fetterman was fortunate to work with Dr. John Day, Professor Emeritus of LSU and Dr. William Conner of the Baruch Wetland Institute as part of this project.